Max Steel:Movie Classic(1936):The Logo Blined From A Steel Logo.Editar

On The Teaser,The Logo Cubeated From Steel And Stomps Universal.Editar

Tod,d(1940) The Globe In A Bordo Tone.,Only On The Movie.Editar

Adventure Time:Short Animated(1952):The Globe Is A Posted From Adventure Time From The Diapositive From Universal,Only The Trailer.Editar

The Blind(1959):The Logo Variant From Pathe.Editar

Panic In The Party Or The Palace(1962):The Universal Logo Transforms Into A Snail,Only Into The Trailer.Editar

The Enchiridion!(1970):The Globe Transnforms Into A The Enchiridion.,Only On The Movie.Editar

¡Evicted!(1976):The Logo Is Atravesated From A Block From Snow Giant,Only On The Teaser Trailer.Editar

Punch Time Explosion(2001):The Logo Destroyed With A Punch,Only In The Trailer.Editar

The Belly Of The Beast(2004):The Beast,Draws UNIVERSAL From Year Belly.Editar

Mortal Recoil(2009):Peppermint Butler Draw The UNIVERSAL Logo,From Your Dark Mode.Editar

Guardians Of The Sunshine(2010):Variant,UNIVERSAL,Drawed From 8-BITS Version.Editar

From Bad To Worse(2012):The Planet 100 TH ANIVERSARY Turn Green.Editar

In The Home ENTERTAIMENT,The Zombies,Charge The Universal Logo,An Biggest-Editar

At Final,The LSP,Drink Your Potion,An Quebraded Explosived,Finn Draw UNIVERSAL 100TH A COMCAST COMPANY Your Belly.Editar

Beautopia(2012):The Logo Turn From The Letters,From Movie.Editar

Hug Wolf(2012):Variated From:TWM,A Moon Blind The 100TH Logo.Editar